Suggested Reading from Dr. John McGinnis: “Corman Runs for Governor, Shapiro Rejoices” written by Ryan Shafik

By Ryan Shafik

Dynastic, career politician Jake Corman – president pro tempore of the Pennsylvania State Senate – is the latest Republican to toss his hat in the ring for Governor of this great Commonwealth.  Given Corman’s insatiable ambition, his decision to enter the fray isn’t necessarily surprising.  What is shocking is that someone with Corman’s amount of political baggage actually thinks he enhances his party’s potential for victory in 2022. Corman’s arrogance in believing he will “clear the GOP field” (as he is reportedly conveying to GOP power brokers) is breathtaking. Speaking clearly: Jake Corman is the most unelectable candidate in the GOP field, and his candidacy should be considered dead in the water.

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