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Tuesday 28th May 2024

PODCAST: 2023 Blair County Commissioner Candidates Q&A – WRTA Weekend with Doug Herendeen

Scott Barger:

Laura Burke:

Dave Kessling:

Manny Nichols:

Carol Taylor:

Amy Webster:

The Questions:

Each candidate gets the same general questions. They have up to 10 minutes to answer, they’re allowed no notes or any campaign staffers in the studio
One) Give us your elevator pitch as to who you are, and why you should be elected/re-elected?
Two) What’s the most important item you want to address as Commissioner, and how?
Three) Blair County voted overwhelmingly to designate Blair as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.” Many who voted for it have expressed dissatisfaction with the Commissioners’ response. What could you have done differently?
Four) Sheriff Jim Ott and the heads of other County departments have publicly expressed concerns with hiring, and importantly, retention of employees, saying many get training on the County dime, and move to better-paying jobs elsewhere. What do you think Blair County should do, and how do you do it?
Five) Does Blair County need a new prison building, and if Yes, how do you pay for it, and where do you put it?
Six) What has the current slate of Commissioners gotten right, and what could be improved – and how would you work to improve it?
Monday May 15th at 8pm, WRTA will rebroadcast the Blair County Chamber of Commerce and Blair Democratic & Republican Committee Candidate Forum that was held May 2nd.  You can also find the video on the WRTA and WRTA Weekend Facebook pages, and the Audio Only Podcast HERE