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Sunday 25th February 2024

(Video) Dan Seals – “Wood”


In memory of Dan Seals, born February 8th, 1948.  Part of “England Dan” & John Ford Coley, he and Coley had a great run of Pop hits in the 70’s , and Dan had his own string of solo hits on the Country charts starting in the mid-80’s.  One he wrote, and put on his “On Arrival” album, but never released as a single was “Wood.”  I got to see Dan open for another act in the early 1990’s. Just him and another gentleman playing guitars.  Turns out, if you’re Dan Seals, you *can* play “Bop” just fine that way.  They only had time for 3 songs. I forget the other, but, amazingly, he played a song I’d thought only I would have requested.  –Doug